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Summer 2020 Pool and Clubhouse Information
Please see the News item below for important Pool Closure information


We have received some inquiries regarding the opening of the pool and whether or not the homeowners will be voting on the decision.  All public pools have been ordered closed until further notice by the Oakland County and State of Michigan governments.  The end to our current situation is unknown with Governor Whitmer’s extension of the Stay at Home Executive Order via 2020-100.  The Board has been consulting with AAM, Pristine Pools and reviewing literature provided by Hirzel Law on how to navigate these unprecedented times.  The unknowns pose many risks when considering opening the pool, playground and clubhouse for HOA use.  The job of the board is to minimize the risks that can and will open the association to additional financial burdens and potential liability claims.  This matter is not one dimensional as there are many facets to consider, please keep in mind that we are bound to comply with State and County government laws and codes.  The use of public pools, spas, splash pads, playgrounds, etc. are not released for use per the criteria outlined in the current Executive Order as they do not follow the mandatory social distancing guidelines.  The Board is moving forward with the replacement of the pool deck that has been scheduled since fall of 2019.  We will continue to monitor the situation as it plays out and make a decision based on ensuring the safety of all residents while minimizing the risk and financial burden.  We understand the frustration regarding all aspects of the current situation we are all faced with and we are doing our best to digest and provide as much information as we can. 

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Drive Safe!

Please keep speeds under 25mph throughout the neighborhood.  With everyone at home and enjoying time outside, extra caution is needed when driving through the neighborhood.  

Approximately 500 linear feet of French drain has been installed along the walking path in the area of lots 268 thru 274 to alleviate the standing water problems.  It appears to be successful so far, so the Association plans to install additional drains throughout the condominium commons in areas that are especially wet.  We live in a 'wet' area, so the problems may never be 100% eradicated, but hopefully this will lessen the problem.  If you have identified other Commons areas that have standing water issues please report them here.  Please include photos if possible.

May 28th, 2020
* Oakland County Pool Closing Order - The HOA Board of Directors has received some unfortunate and unexpected news today from Oakland County Health Division (“OCHD”) regarding the status of pools in the foreseeable future.  OCHD has issued Emergency Order (2020-11) effective 5/28/2020 regarding the closure of all public swimming pools county wide.  The Pinehurst Acres community pool is, and always has been classified as a public pool by the State and County.  We are licensed annually by the State of Michigan and permitted annually by Oakland County which requires OCHD inspection.  While the entire order is available by clicking the link below, some points of emphasis are:
   * EO 2020-11 is an emergency order placed by Oakland County specifically orders the closure of public swimming pools to take effect on May 28, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. EDT
   * EO 2020-11 defines public swimming pools as “All pools licensed as public pools by Oakland County, including all those that are connected to or used by more than 4 units of housing, whether houses, condominiums, apartments, mobile homes, hotels, or motel rooms.  Public swimming pools include those which are for parks, schools, motels, camps, resorts, apartments, clubs, hotels, mobile home parks, subdivisions, waterparks, and the like.”
Emergency Order (2020-11) for Control of Pandemic - Closure of Public Swimming Pools

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