Pinehurst Acres HOA Board Community Update

Hello Neighbors,
The Pinehurst HOA Board would like to address some changes that we are making to address the current recommendations by State and Federal government agencies regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak.  The Board feels that while the risk might be small, we should act with an abundance of caution to not only reduce the risk of accelerating the spread of the virus, but to also limit any potential liability for the Pinehurst Homeowner’s Association (and thus you).
We are suspending the rental or use of the clubhouse for gatherings or groups until the government lifts the advice against large gatherings.  We feel that the small, confined space of the clubhouse would be inappropriate at this time for public gatherings.  We are also holding future Board meetings by conference call until the Board feels that it’s appropriate to hold the meeting in person again.  Lastly, we are closing the Tot Lot.  These changes will remain in effect until further notice.
We recognize there is a fine line between acting prudently, overreacting, and underreacting, and hope that these measures are prudent.
The Board of Directors
Pinehurst HOA 

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Drive Safe!

Winter is in full swing, and with the cold weather comes snow and slippery roads.  Please drive with caution as kids sledding and playing in the snow can be easy to miss with the bright sun and reflections from snow and ice.  Also avoid parking on the street during snow events so that the plows can do their work.  This avoids potential damage to your vehicle as the plows work, and allows them to better clear the streets. 

Snow Plowing and Salting
Our streets are public roads and technically maintained by the Oakland County Road Commission.  However, residential streets are the lowest priority on the snow plowing schedule for the County.  The Homeowner's Association contracts Lyon Homescape for snow removal and salting of the intersections to assist residents in ingress and egress from the neighborhood.  We do not salt the entire neighborhood and only contract for plowing when the snowfall is over 2".  Sidewalks are cleared in front of the clubhouse, at the bus stop, and in front of the commons areas.  Snow plowing is not intended to create dry roads free of all snow or ice, so please always use caution when driving in the winter through the neighborhood.  Residents are responsible to clear the sidewalks in front of their homes.

visit the survey page and let your opinion be known!  One response per home is allowed. Survey Link

* The 5th Amendment recording has been confirmed.  The 2 new Board Members are now official.  The Board held Officer elections on February 1, 2020.  The new Board is now:
-President - Bruce Cournoyer
-Vice President - Matthew Olsafsky
-Treasurer - April Neubauer
-Secretary - Rick Pridemore
Congratulations to the new Board Members!
* The Association has voted to upgrade the landscaping in the cul-de-sac circles in the newer part of the condominium.  Due to the early cold snap this fall the upgrades have been pushed to Spring of 2020.

* Approximately 500 linear feet of French drains has been installed along the walking path in the area of lots 268 thru 274 to alleviate the standing water problems.  It appears to be successful so far, so the Association plans to install additional drains throughout the condominium commons in areas that are especially wet.  We live in a 'wet' area, so the problems may never be 100% eradicated, but hopefully this will lessen the problem.  
* Bruce has finished negotiations on the Pool Deck replacement contract and we hope to have it replaced early this year.

Please set your Email Options in your Profile to receive Association emails and make sure you aren't missing out on important information.  

Annual Association Dues 2020
Due date March 15th

The Board is pleased to announce that the dues will remain at $800 per home for the 2020 budget year. The assessments are on a calendar year basis from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and are normally due March 1st. The Board has extended the due date to March 15th for this year to accommodate any potential delay in processing payments due to the pending management company changeover.
BRIDEN Management is in the process of mailing out the dues invoice and budget summary to residents. Residents should receive the notice in the next week or so.
If you would like to remit your payment prior to receiving the invoice in the mail, please send your check for $800 to the address below. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LOT # in the memo area of the check. If you do not know your lot #, you can view it in your Profile in your web account.

Send checks to:
Pinehurst Acres Association
P.O. Box 334
South Lyon, MI 48178

Checks should be payable to Pinehurst Acres Association.

Please note there is a $25.00 late fee for any payments received after March 15th, 2020. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dennis Nagy of Briden Management at 248-921-3909 (bridenmanagement@aol.com) or the Board at boardofdirectors@pinehurstacres.org.


Upcoming Events
Thursday, April 16, 2020
  Board Meeting (7:30 pm)

Thursday, May 21, 2020
  Board Meeting (7:30 pm)

Monday, May 25, 2020
  Memorial Day

Thursday, June 18, 2020
  Board Meeting (7:30 pm)


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